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Can I, as a manager on Pulse, create new users for my team, edit users if they need new roles or enable locked accounts?



Yes, on Pulse 24.3 and newer versions!

In order to have access to these features you will need to reach out to Feedzai to add a new role to your user, the "usermanager" role, which will give you the necessary permissions.


Find below the sections for the features of this new role and some notes:

Create User

  1. Start by going into the "Administration" area by clicking the cogwheel on the top right corner:

  2. From the next screen select "User Management" on the left side bar:

  3. Finally, click "New User" on the top right side to open the user creation menu:

  4. This will open the below menu, where you just have to insert Name, E-mail, username and the intended roles and tenants:


Edit User

In order to edit a user, go into the "User Management" screen (check "Create User" above for the step by step on how to reach it).

On the right side of a username you'll see a blue pencil. Pressing this will open a screen that will allow you to edit a user's Name, E-mail, roles, tenants and even disable their 2FA so it can be disabled again:

The edit screen:


Enable/Disable account

On the right side of user accounts you will see a Red (Disabled), Green (Enabled) or "Unblock user" button. Clicking the colored buttons will have the opposite effect on the account, with the red button allowing you to enable accounts and the green button allowing you to disable accounts. The "Unblock user" button also enables accounts, with the difference being that an account is blocked for too many login failures, for example.

See the buttons below:

Pressing these buttons will open a confirm prompt before the action can proceed.

Enabling may be necessary for example if a user locks their account due too many login failures, and disabling if an agent leaves the team and their access should be blocked.



  • You can find more details on this feature and what roles can be edited in the documentation of the product version you are using.
  • If you notice that some users do not have a Green or Red button, those are most likely Feedzai Staff users, or internal product users. If you see any user from your team that you would expect to be able to edit, but can't, please reach out to Feedzai Support.
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