How to reset my Pulse/Case Manager password and 2FA token

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  • As a client using Pulse/Case Manager's, I want to know more about how can I reset my password to regain access to the application. 

Feedzai's products provide the availability for any user to recover its own access when losing a password or 2FA authentication, which can happen when changing a laptop or mobile phone. To achieve that, one must follow the below steps.

General Procedure

  1. Open Pulse/Case-Manager login screen and click on the Forgot Password link:


  2. You'll be redirected to the following screen. Here, please insert your username and press the Next button:

    Note: Upon configuring the 2FA authentication, the user is prompted to save a recovery code. In case you did not miss that step when configuring the 2FA authentication for the first time and saved this code, ignore the bellow steps and jump to Use recovery token section bellow.

  3. You should receive an email like to one below in your inbox. Take note of the password reset token.


  4. On the screen below, you should insert the token received over email and define a new password. Passwords must have one lower case letter, one upper case letter, one number and one special character (!@#$%^&*).


  5. To continue with resetting your 2FA, insert the token under the text field. You will notice the action button will change and you'll be able to proceed with resetting the 2FA authentication.

    Note: If the only objective was to reset your password and you do not need to reset the 2FA authentication, instead of the token you received by email, just insert your previous 2FA codes (6 digit pin) and continue.

  6. If you are presented again with the login screen, this will mean you have reseted your password and 2FA authentication successfully. To configure again with the 2FA authentication, please take a look over the article What is 2FA & How do I configure it.

Use recovery token

Upon configuring the 2FA authentication, the user is prompted to save a recovery code. In case you stored when first configuring the 2FA authentication, please follow the steps below.

  1. Instead of inserting your username, Please click the Already Have A Token link


  2. Follow the General Procedure from step 4
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