AI Regulation: a Pro-Innovation Approach

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To promote responsible AI design, development, and use, the UK government created a principles-based approach to AI regulations:

  1. The five cross-sector principles: Principles are focused on safety, security and robustness, appropriate transparency and explainability, fairness, accountability and governance, and contestability and redress. 
  2. Regulators' role in implementing the framework: The framework will be implemented by existing regulators who will guide them on complying with the principles. They will apply the principles proportionately to address the risks posed by AI in their respective areas, in line with existing laws and regulations.

Benefits of a principles-based approach: A principles-based approach is flexible and appropriate, aligned with the UK government's Plan for Digital Regulation, Taskforce on Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform, Regulatory Horizons Council's Closing the Gap report, and Sir Patrick Vallance's Regulation for Innovation report.


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