Feedzai Introduces Railgun: A Next-Generation Fraud Detection Engine

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July 19 2023

Introducing Railgun, Feedzai's next-generation AI engine designed to target and intercept financial fraud before it can occur. In order to scale, today’s risk engines force financial institutions to limit the data they use to make risk decisions, which typically involves looking only at a limited history of data. Railgun removes these constraints, so financial institutions can now use a complete history of all relevant data – enabling them to assess the likelihood of fraudulent activity with unprecedented accuracy.

💡 What is Railgun?
Railgun is a game-changing risk engine that seamlessly integrates, processes, and extracts insights from real-time data. It refines vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence, safeguarding businesses from financial losses and protecting customers from harm.

Railgun’s key features include:
✔️ Real-Time Sliding Window Algorithm: Compute profiles within long real-time windows, ensuring data accuracy and low latencies for time-sensitive applications.
✔️ Event Reservoir: Optimal memory consumption and flexibility for fraud risk strategies, supporting profiles with long windows as efficiently as small windows.
✔️ Distributed Architecture & Fault-Tolerant Design: Handle massive data streams seamlessly, distributing processing workload and providing uninterrupted operations.

Feedzai’s Railgun provides a unique balance of scalability, low latency, and accuracy. This makes Railgun the ideal choice for financial institutions operating in high-risk environments. Businesses gain the agility to respond rapidly to fraud threats, understand customer behaviors in real time, and significantly reduce fraud losses. Railgun saves time and money and raises the standard for fraud detection, enabling businesses to grow confidently while keeping pace with evolving fraud trends.

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