We've Only Just Begun: How AI Has Exploded In Payments And Banking

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The pervasive impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the payments and banking industry in 2023, addressing both its potential benefits and challenges. The financial services sector is experiencing a surge of interest and investment in AI applications, extending from fraud prevention and automation to analytics and advertising. Oliver Tearle, Head of Innovation Technology at The ai Corporation, highlights the widespread integration of AI across financial operations. While concerns about the rapid development of AI persist, experts like Tom Whittaker, Associate at Burges Salmon law firm, anticipate its continued acceleration. The article emphasizes that companies view AI as a competitive advantage and are focused on effectively leveraging it for various business purposes.

Maya Mikhailov, Founder of SAVVI AI, underscores AI's multifaceted role in finance, spanning from personalized customer experiences to operational streamlining. In the realm of payments, AI's significant impact is evident in combating fraud. The industry widely employs AI models to automate fraud detection and verification processes, leading to reduced fraud-related costs and improved risk management. Regulators are also harnessing AI for more efficient supervision, with Germany's Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and other entities using algorithmic models for transaction monitoring and textual analysis. BaFin's proactive approach to exploring AI's applications sets an example for other regulatory bodies.

While AI's potential for advancement is substantial, regulators and businesses alike are cautious of potential risks, such as privacy breaches and biased outcomes. The article indicates a growing alignment of global regulators toward AI regulation and highlights the need for responsible AI use to ensure consumer protection. As the industry navigates AI's transformative potential, concerns remain about regulatory proposals potentially impeding the current positive contributions of AI to business processes, products, and services.


(Source: Vixio)

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